Sunday, August 23, 2009

St. Charles Booth Boogie

We have a logo for our St. Charles Booth Boogie! What is the Boogie you say? Well... let me tell ya!
On September 25 - 27 Myrtle Grace Motifs will be heading toTNNA Fall 2009 Needlecraft Market in St. Charles, MO to peddle our wears.... punch needle, cross stitch, red hair touching... honest! I'm bringing Andy this time to sweet talk those ladies... you know they'll want to touch his hair... for some reason people do... ANYWAY... We are in charge of a promotion with 11 other great vendors to get some foot traffic. Having shoppers get their cards signed and then handing them in for a prize. So... St. Charles Booth Boogie... kinda catchy. :)

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