Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Yay for camping in the cold, rain and yuck. Actually it wasn’t really too gross – only Friday was nasty out. Cold and rainy. But check out the pics… couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location! We went to Shabbona Lake, Illinois.

If I were a better blogger, I would have all sorts of great recipes and photos of the food we made camping this weekend… I don’t.  We ate good food, even the raccoons agreed. On Saturday night they lifted the lid on the crockpot, set it down upside-down, then proceeded to eat every morsel that was left. Such well mannered critters. :) Then there was a galloping deer… we think it was a deer… we hope it was a deer.

It was nice to get away, good to see all the colors, nice to hear the millions of geese making all sorts of crazy noises.

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