Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Strand Weeks Dye Works Floss

I am in love. I’m in LOVE with Weeks Dye Works 3 Strand Floss. It’s amazing.
Imagine this… punching and not having to change the floss , not having to separate skeins, just punching just about as far as you’d like to… without fear of running out! Wow… This is what Weeks Dye Works describes it as: Colorfast, Egyptian, long-staple, hand over-dyed 3-strand cotton floss prewound on spools. So there you go. 30 yards per spool – you get 3 of them per package. Load up your punch needle and away you punch. We just traveled to Pella, Iowa – about a 5 hour drive. In about 90 minutes I had completed my first project using two different colors of the 3-Strand. To be honest, I’ve started experimenting with this awesome product because we are planning to go to Australia in September. That’s 15 hours of sheer boredom on a plane without much elbow room for splitting skeins. So there I shall sit, with my spool in a Ziploc Quart Size Freezer Bag, and my punch needle in hand. I can’t wait!! I am also designing some patterns strictly with the 3 strand for this purpose – fancy huh? Maybe I’ll call them my Flying Punch Patterns. :)
Oh… are you wondering about the Ziploc bag? I didn’t want my spool rolling all over the car floor – or plane floor as it were. The Ziploc bag is nice and slick so no friction and the floss comes off beautifully. Can’t wait to show you more of this great product.
P.S. They make a 2 strand and sewing thread too! Love it!
P.P.S. Week is NOT paying me to say all these nice things... granted they do provide me with such fun things to play with... this is all just pure love. :)

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