Friday, September 17, 2010

Peach Honey

Three half bushels of peaches later, and about 25 cups of peels and juice, project #2 was in the works. My family is having a canning exchange! Last fall I read on a blog that someone was doing a jam exchange. That sounded like fun. My family does a cookie exchange, but what if we canned things, and exchanged them? I asked around – people seemed excited! So 13 people later – tonight is the night of our exchange!
My addition to this exchange? Peach Honey.
Peach Honey is somewhat of a byproduct of canning peaches. It is not something you are going to get a lot of, unless you are doing a LOT of peaches. One thing to remember – do not get impatient. Just let it cook and cook and cook. I had to cook it twice since the first time I did not let it go long enough. Now it’s the consistency of maple syrup. The batch I made last year it the consistence of jello. So… somewhere in the middle is ideal.
What can you use this on? Oh anything you’d use honey on… Tea, chicken nuggets, pancakes, ice cream – anything. Sooo good.

Peach Honey

What you need!
Peach Peels and Juice

What to do!
Put Peach Peels and Juice in a non-reactive pot and make sure they are covered with water. Cook until the peels and remaining bits of peach are uniform in color.
Line a colander/strainer with cheese cloth and slowly pour the juice through the cheese cloth. This should remove the particles of peach. Remaining liquid should be somewhat clear.
Wash out pot, return clarify juice back to pot measuring how much you have. Take the amount of juice you have and add half of that amount of sugar. For example, if you have 10 cups of juice, add 5 cups of sugar.
Cook down the mixture until it’s a syrup like consistence (approx. 230 degrees).
Ladle in hot canning jars, seal and process for 5 minutes in boiling water.
Let cool and enjoy.

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