Friday, October 1, 2010

Myrtle Grace Motifs - October 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Myrtle Grace Motifs!

Back Up and Over
We are back from our trip Down Under – and a wild ride we had. Filled with run-ins with airport security – really? A scissors? And so many cute kangaroos. We had a great time exploring and being with family. Can’t wait to find our way back there again.

New Releases
We hope you were able to stop by Norden’s booth at the St. Charles Fall Needlecraft Market to see the latest mischief Franklin and Pierce have gotten themselves into. All three of our distributors have the new pattern ready to ship. If you are interested in the punch needle, make sure to contact Norden as they have them in stock.

SYHO – Stitch Your Heart Out - October
The Stitch Your Heart Out Campaign has its next release today! Monsterbubbles releases their SYHO Design. Check out for the latest information on Stitch Your Heart Out.
Next month is our month! Can’t wait for you to see “Home Is Where Your Leaves Are.”

The Misadventures of Myrtle Grace
Want to hear about our crazy run in with the Federal Aviation Authorities of Australia? Get an up close look at Franklin and Pierce? Get some great recipes? Come on over to There is always something new going on.

Nashville 2011
We’ve signed the contract and can’t wait to go to Nashville in February 2011. Guess we shouldn’t pack quite yet. But we plan to be there! We were sad to miss the St. Charles Market – but we have every intention to be at Nashville. Even the Texas International Market in October 2011. But we won’t get too excited about that one quite yet – after all –it’s a year away!

We are proud to be represented by these fine companies:
Hoffman Distributing Company -
Norden Crafts -
Yarn Tree -

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