Sunday, October 31, 2010

OZ –Kangaroos

Yay for pictures… Sorry for the delay. I have no real excuse.
One of my favorite parts of our trip to Australia – other than getting to see my family, was getting to see, touch and feed kangaroos.
We got to see kangaroos in a few different ways… In Sydney we saw them through the window at the Wildlife World, at Australia Zoo we got the pet and feed them, in the bush we were surprised by one right around the corner… on the road on the way home we meet one with the bumper of the car. Oops.
Roos are so soft and sweet, at least the ones that we encountered. Feeding them was amazing, they would grab your hand and pull it down further so they could eat with more ease out of your hand. So cool. I do think they had to rotate the roos that were being feed… otherwise they’d have a whole bunch of REALLY overweight roos no longer to hop around.

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