Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Behold - the power of baking powder...

When you are cooking or baking, do you ever wonder if such a small amount of an ingredient makes a difference? Say… oh I’ll just leave that out this time – who will know? Or perhaps forget an ingredient… then wonder what could possibly be wrong with what you’ve made?
Yeah me either.
Wait… Ok…. I found out how important baking powder is. Oh so very important.
You’ll see in the pictures – yes… those are baked… do they look any different than the raw? No, not really, maybe the baked version is a bit browned on the edges. These were supposed to be pumpkin whoopie pies. Yes, always drama with the whoppie pies.
I made up these guys for a church dinner, thought I had it all figured out – then took them out of the oven… hrm… that’s odd. Read the recipe, nope, did it right. Read it again…. Nope – got it all. Added some milk, still the same problem. Hrm. Took the recipe with me, sat down with no distraction – nope it’s all in there.
Then… God turned the light on… OH that says BAKING POWDER! Well shoot… I didn’t add that! I added some… but it was far too late for that. What a mess!
I will win against the whoppie pies – someday. It’s not today… tomorrow sure isn’t looking good either… but I will! Dang it. :)

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