Friday, December 3, 2010

Princess Cake for Miss Em

Has it really been so long since we celebrated Emily’s 7th birthday? It sure has… eek. Well Miss Emily Joan wanted a princess cake. What does that mean? Probably something with a face, which seems like an awfully bad idea. I did quite a bit of googling on this one… well… found lots of weird princess faces. Then found LOTS of these crown cakes. I was excited! Someone had a pattern for a crown. Um, no, that’s a form. Really? How many of people have enough room in their house to store all these pans in crazy shapes? Not me. I printed a photo as large as I could, stuck it on a frozen 9 x 13 cake and went a cutting. I did have some fun with starbursts, rolled them out and use mini cookie cutters on them. Em loved it – it was all eaten at once, so it must have tasted ok too. Happy belated birthday girlie!

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