Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An afternoon at the beach... in winter.

This past weekend we got away! We went to Saugatuck, Michigan. Andy found a Groupon for a Bed and Breakfast that we couldn’t pass up. So off we went in the blizzard of January 2012… Ok it wasn’t really considered a blizzard – but if you’d ask the news people at the time – I’m sure they’d tell you of the impending doom. So off we went in the crazy snow – 4 hour trip that should have taken 2 ½ hours – we didn’t think that was bad at all.
Saturday after relaxing most of the day – we explored the town of Saugatuck. Too touristy for our tastes, but I saw a sign for Oval Beach. While I do not consider myself a Beach Girl – I do love the big lake. I find peace on the beach listening to the waves. So we followed the signs and found Oval Beach. I’d never seen Lake Michigan in winter before – so walking on the ice was so fun and interesting. To see these huge boulders of ice just rolling around in the waves, crashing into the shore/ice. So glad we spent that time wandering.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I think I would be afraid to walk on the ice, thinking I might fall in!! Yep, enjoy that getaway. Won't be too many more weekends for just the two of you!


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