Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Princess Polka Dot

Miss Erika Renee is now 5!  Ugh!  When did that happen (in May)?  She can’t possibly be that old – can she?
This girlie girl – is all about dresses and princesses.  She asked for a polka dot cake (third year in a row) and if not that, a princess cake.  Well – let’s think back to the Cat in the Hat cake… if that’s how hard a hat is… imagine me making a princess – no thanks.  So she got a princess polka dot cake.
The plan was to make this cake after the horror of the Cat in the Hat cake – thankfully we ran out of time and did this the next night.  This took us 20 minutes tops and there were no catastrophes to speak of.  Sometimes you just need something to go right to give you a bit of confidence back… especially after being humbled so solidly.
There will be more cakes on their way… 3 more kids with birthdays this year mean 3 more cakes to bake!

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