Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to make a crappy chicken dish.

Consider this a public service announcement.  We tried this recipe so you won't have to.  Have you seen the Cheese It Chicken recipe floating around Pinterest and Facebook?  Looks awesome doesn't it?  I thought so too.  Lies!  All lies!  Although my pictures can be deceiving, look at that blue plate special!  Just makes you want to take a bite, pass.  One of the posters comments is that it's healthy because it is baked - last I checked crushed crackers stuck to sour cream coated chicken oven fried in butter, less than healthy.  Also not crunchy at all.  Sadly all that goodness was so soggy.  Ok I will stop, enjoy the pictures it was fun to make and photography, the eating part? Ehh win some - lose some.

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