Friday, March 7, 2014

TNNA Nashville Needlework Market

We are back from our latest jaunt to Nashville for the TNNA Nashville Needlework Market.
This year the ride down was our biggest challenge.   We got 20 miles away from home and entered whiteout snow conditions.  So bad that we couldn’t see exits along the highway in order to get off to take a break.  Four hours of white knuckle snow and 5 hours of pounding rain and we were finally to Nashville.  We had 2 hours to get the van unloaded and the room ready before we opened for business.  Thankfully I have the best help around.  We were able to open at 7 PM for our Early Bird hours.  9 PM?  We crashed!
Saturday and Sunday (along with Friday night) were filled with seeing our shop owner friends and designer friends.  So wonderful to catch up!  This year we left Bronwyn with Grandparents, but we brought a photo of her.  So many people stopped in just to see if she was there.  We loved visiting in other designer rooms to see what wonderful creations they were showing off.
At 4 PM on Sunday – we turned the lights out and we were on our way home by 5:08 PM.  Thankfully our ride home was as boring as I-57 is supposed to be.  Rolled in at 12:30 AM.  We were glad to  be home, but hit the hay with a smile after a great weekend packed with friendly faces and so many great ideas.
Thanks to everyone who stopped in to see us; shops, designers, vendors and distributors too.  Looking very much forward to Columbus in May 2015!

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