Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Importance of the "On" Feature

Ever have one of “those” days?  You know the kind, when nothing quite seems to go right?  We had one of those last week.  The night before I was all excited to get a pork roast ready for the crock pot for dinner.  The recipe seemed really yummy, applesauce – which I had homemade, a pork roast from the half pig we bought a while back, home grown parsley, some garlic and spices - easy!  The next morning, Andy threw the crock onto the heating element and plugged it in.  I had already set it on a light timer – which you shouldn’t do by the way… just one of those fire hazard kind of things.  But we did it anyway.  Off to school for the girl then work for us.  My dad was at our house working during the day.  I almost called and asked him to check to be sure the timer worked, but figured he was busy enough.  While at work (we work at the same place) we suddenly realized Andy had a doctor’s appointment at 5:30 – in Palos Heights, we were in Tinley Park with one car with our kid in New Lenox!  So thankfully we could leave work at 4:00 and race home to split up cars.  When we stopped home for the cars – I didn’t smell anything but figured it was because I was rushing around.  I got the girl and came home again – well… no roast for any of us.  While we prepped it, had it plugged in, we neglected to do one simple yet very important thing – to actually turn the crockpot ON.  So… another time we’ll have to try this roast, this time we’ll use the on function of the crockpot.  I hear that’s a key function of crockpot cooking.

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