Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Golden Orb of Summer in a Jar

Several years ago we had a peach marathon.  We were making jam for our wedding favors and ended up making 9 gallons of jam, 5 pies, 2 cobblers and endless amounts of canned peaches, we even froze some.  Needless to say we had gotten carried away with how many we picked.
We love canned peaches, but one of the hardest parts is figuring out how much syrup to make, how sweet to make it, sometimes it feels like  it cooks the peaches more than necessary, a frustration for sure.  I saw this method on Pinterest and I knew I had to try it.
Instead of making syrup - you fill bottles with sliced peaches, add the amount of sugar you desire for the heaviness of syrup you want, then fill with hot water.  This makes small batches a cinch.   You are able to can just a few peaches or a whole bushel without making one batch of syrup.

Take the skins off your peaches (dip in boiling water for 10-12 seconds, then into ice water, peal falls off).  Cut peaches into slices and place in clean jars.  Heat a pot of water.  Now add the sugar to the jars on top of your fruit.  2 tablespoons per pint makes a nice light syrup.  Add more for a heavier syrup–up to about 1/4 cup per pint.  Double those quantities if you’re canning in quart jars.
Then pour your hot water into the jar over the fruit and sugar and prepare to process the jar as you normally would.  The sugar will dissolve in the water as the fruit is in the canner.
Wipe jar rims and threads. Place lids and bands on jars. Place jars on rack in deep stockpot of hot water from step 1. Cover, bring to a boil and process 25 minutes for pints, 30 minutes for quarts. Remove jars from hot water and place, not touching, on dish towel and cover. Cool several hours or overnight. Test seals before storing.

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