Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Canning Exchange 2014

This post feels very much like a broken record - but it's no less true than when I've said it the last time.  Several weeks ago my extended family had our yearly canning exchange.  Basically we all make something that goes into jars.   Not everyone in the family participates - but many do.  We don't ask much, even if you put chocolate covered peanuts in a jar - that works!  Or con someone else into canning something for you?  That works too. (I know this because I know a few who do it.)  We ask that you bring a jar for everyone to take home a jar to pass around that evening so we can taste it all.

We all gather around a table and one by one open a jar that each person has brought.  We pass it around with bread, crackers or chips - whatever compliments it best - and get to hear the stories of that recipe.  That is my favorite part.  I love hearing stories of dandelion hunting, cherry picking (or buying), crockpot adventures, and many more.  Such a wealth of knowledge and love in this group of ladies - I love it.  So thankful for my family and the generations of love in it.

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