Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plop and Bake Method

This fall's canning included something a tad new - apple pie filling.  I looked for recipes and found a lot of freaked out people.  Whoa… apparently canning with cornstarch is a giant bone of contention with people - I had no idea.  Well that scared me off, so instead of trying the "from scratch" method -I tried a package mix.  I figure if we are going to poison ourselves may as well do it at the hands of someone who has more insurance money than us right?
This recipe SUPER easy  - basically you just follow the easy directions, and plop the filling into jars, process and done.
Baking a pie?  Even easier.  Plop contents into a shell, add a pastry or a crumb topping, bake and done.  Imagine how easy your next function will be will the plop and bake method.  Oh really… come on - plop is the sound the filling makes coming in and out of the jar - why can't we just say it like it is… Ok… be all proper - "pour and bake" - nah… plop - I like it.

Mrs. Wages Apple Pie Filling 
4-5 pounds of apples
3 cups granulated sugar
3 cups water or apple juice
1 pouch Mrs. Wages® Fruit Pie Filling Mix

Suggested apples: Fuji, McIntosh, Jonagold, Rome, Cameo, Jonathon,
Red Delicious, Honeycrisp or Pink Ladies. Use a mixture of varieties for best flavor.

Note:  Peaches or pears may also be used for pie fillings.  

Prepare jars and lids according to manufacturer’s directions.  Keep jars hot.

Peel, core, and slice 4-5 pounds apples to yield about 3 pounds apple slices. Blanch apple slices in hot water (200°F) for 1 minute. Drain, reserving juice, and keep in covered pan.

In a large saucepan, whisk together sugar, water or reserved apple juice, and Mrs. Wages® Fruit Pie Filling Mix. Cook over medium heat (180°F) stirring constantly until thickened.  Remove from heat. Add apple slices and stir to coat.

Ladle apple mixture into hot jars leaving 1-inch headspace.  Remove air bubbles, wipe rims, add lid and ring. Process pints or quarts for 25 minutes in boiling water bath. Cool overnight and test for seals.

Use product for pies, tarts, cake, crisps, cobblers and other desserts.

Yield: 3 quarts

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