Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet and Greet!


Today at The Misadventures of Myrtle Grace we are doing something a touch different, we thought we were participating in a blog hop... But somehow we didn't get included in it... but we'll tell you about our favorites anyway...

I may have fooled many of our regular followers into thinking that I cross stitch, well, I don’t.  My craft passion?  Punch Needle.   I design my own patterns and love doing it.  After they are punched is when they turn into cross stitch and then I ask others to stitch them for models that I then sell patterns for.  But when it comes to the chicken/egg question for Myrtle Grace Motifs?  It’s punch needle.  Myrtle Grace Motifs is my business name,  we design and sell cross stitch and punch needle patterns wholesale to shops across the country (even the world).

Today I am picking favorites!  I’m showing off which of my patterns are my favorites.
#1 – Home Sweet Home – This pattern turned out better than I could have hoped.  There are so many fine lines and wording isn’t always easy with punch needle, but this one?  The words were the focal point and it worked out well.
#2 – Love in Bloom – this time I got to use texture to create flowers and how fun it turned out.  With punch needle you can vary the length of the stitches (the loops) and create fun texture with it.
#3 – Rusty Bucket – this is my pup.  No, it’s not a goat; many times I have been asked this question.  This is my lab mix dog Rusty.  We call him Rusty Bucket, and it really does look like him!  Pink nose and all.  Again, the flowers in this one, I used a longer stitch length for dimension.
#4 – Bronwyn’s Baby Blocks – my daughter’s name is Bronwyn and I wanted to create a pattern for her.  These blocks were so fun – it looks like 2 blocks – but the photo is actually of both sides of the block.  Just Another Button Company came to the rescue with amazingly cute buttons for this one.  My mom came to an even bigger rescue and stitched it together for me.
#5 – Ollie the Owl – This was one of my first attempts at a double sided project and it was so fun.  With those big eyes, he just comes alive.

Well those are my five favorites.  I feel a little bad for the rest of my patterns, maybe they will get extra love another day.

If you’d like to know more about Myrtle Grace Motifs there are a few links below. (hey that’s where you are already!)

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