Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Living South of I-80 with most of my teeth...

When you live in a townhouse, you dream about all the fun things you could do if you had a house with grass.  When you have a house with grass you dream about all the things you wish you could do with that grass - if you had time.  One of those things is our fire pit.  Right now it's a lovely place for weeds to sprout from.  We have great intentions of having a cozy fire, roasting a few marshmallows, gaze into the embers and relaxing.  The reality is that we have a 3 year old and a 5 month old (at the time I'm writing this).  We are lucky to get them to bed and ourselves to bed and maintain our own sanity.
But the idea remains that I do enjoy s'mores.  That gooey warm marshmallow and chocolate, yum.  Wandering around on Instagram I saw someone post a picture of a s'more made from fudge stripped cookies.  Yes.  YES this works for me!  You don't get too much chocolate or graham cracker, but the perfect amount of cookie and marshmallow ratio, and the calorie count doesn't break the bank.
But where?  Where to roast these marshmallows?  I couldn't put these in the oven, the chocolate on the top (now bottom) of the cookies would melt in hopes of roasting the marshmallow.  Enter in the stove burner.  Folks, this is not my first venture down the red neck marshmallow roasting method.  I do live south of I-80 and have most of my teeth... hrm... anyway.  These?  Awesome.  They'd be even better roasted over a pit of hot coals.  Maybe when my kids are in their teens and I'm up worrying about them not being home - I'll be out back scarfing down s'mores in the back yard.

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