Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Of Elephants and 3 Year Olds

Three years old.  How did she get to be three years old?  She has opinions that often make sense, corrects me when I say the wrong thing, knows where to turn to go to the different grandparents house, loves her little brother, can find the smallest spec of onion as yucky in a casserole but gobbles up onion rings, she's already three.  A few weeks before Bronwyn's birthday I asked what kind of party she wanted to have.  We talked about a few ideas but she wanted an elephant party.  Oh my!
So on the hunt for elephant cakes and cupcakes.  there aren't a whole lot out there that seem to be easy to make.  I ended up buying fondant - a VERY smart friend told me not to make it; just buy it (thanks Mandie!) - and making pink and brown elephants.  I thought I was so smart making them ahead of time and letting them dry a bit.  The night before the party as we were making food, I made the cupcakes, cut a space for the circle o' elephant, it stood up so nice.  I was so excited - one more thing done.  To get them out of the way and out of Rusty's potential reach, I put them in the storage room in our basement, thinking it was nice and cool down there, they'd be up and safe.  Andy was concerned about the humidity, I wasn't.  Guess who was right?  Walked down there the next morning, every single elephant was laying down.  After I let out some bad words, I rushed them up and did some elephant surgery with toothpicks.  I lost a few of the circles, but all of the elephants were standing.
Toothpicks or not, Bronwyn loved the elephants.  She had so much fun with all her cousins, including cousins from Iowa.
Lesson learned about fondant.  If you want to stand it up - moments before serving is your best option.  Lessons about fondant?  It doesn't taste great.  Lessons about three year olds?  Too numerous to even type.

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