Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wild Child Turns One - Giraffe Invited to the Party

It's official - we have a one year old in the house!  Ok, he's more than that at this point, but for the sake of rounding, he is one.
It is amazing how fast the time goes, cute snuggly Nicholas Warren is now squirmy and on the move.  Taking steps (and running) wherever he can - crazy boy.
We had an early birthday party for him with many of our family members.  Bronwyn got to pick the theme - just this once.  She picked giraffes.  I made him a cupcake cake and also a smash cake.  I'm not sure he actually ate any cake, mostly just smeared the blue frosting into his ear.  He had frosting regrets after that - the cleaning process was none too fun.
So happy birthday Nicholas!  Quit growing up so fast!

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