Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Buttons and Layers for a Special 4 Year Old

Things you will not see in these pictures of Bronwyn’s 4th birthday cake: a beauty shot of the inside (let’s be honest – I suck at cutting cakes so while it was really colorful, it also was not photo ready), the blood and sweat of the baker (no honest – I cut myself and am still healing from it… oops), the hands of the person who couldn’t seem to keep the gel color away making her look quite like a smurf, and the tears of the mother of a four year old.
The girl is four years old.  What?!  How?!  She was just… three.  Oh right right.
This year we decided to go super fun on the cake, less on the theme.  Bronwyn has been watching baking videos with my on my phone, and we saw this cake done, each layer has 3 rings, 6 layers means 18 rights.  She got to watch me put the whole thing together and pray it didn’t fall over.  Sure it leaned, but leaning is better than falling apart.  Last year I bought a candy button mold and we deiced to decorate this cake with lots of candy buttons.
Such a fun cake for a fun four year old. 

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