Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our Only Hope... Squashed.

Last year the only hope of squash we had was the rogue squash growing on our fence with the neighbor.  Our zucchini did not grow at all -might have been the Preen we used, maybe not.  Last year as the squash on the fence grew larger and larger, and further and further into our yard, our neighbor profusely apologized.  We were a little excited to find out what kind of squash they were.  Then? He squashed our hopes and dreams and tore the vines down and no more squash.
This year, we have massive zucchinis - they are great!  We've used them for zoodles, bread, and muffins too.  But my favorite so far?  Breaded and fried.  Andy decided to make Fried Zucchini Parmesan over noodles with marinara.  Lots of words to say awesome and delicious.  They really were.  I was sad we did not have any ranch dressing or I would have eaten the whole plate sans noodles with marinara.  Naturally the kids were dubious about the whole thing - by they at least tried them.
I'm so thankful I have an Andy who likes to cook, is tall enough to get over the fence to pick the garden veggies, and gets home before me to do all of the above. I'm spoiled - I know.

ask Andy.

Oh OK.... I"ll give it a shot.

First - go to google and google "Fried Zucchini"

Ha ha... right....

Basically dip slices of zucchini in flour, then a beaten egg.  Dip into seasoned breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan cheese.  Then fry these in vegetable oil until gold brown.
Serve over your choice of noodles with your choice of sauce.

Or... Ranch Dressing....

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