Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Nicholas!

Our crazy boy is 2! Somehow when I wasn't looking our baby turned into a giant boy.
We celebrated Nicholas' birthday on his actual birthday this year. Someone else had a 40th birthday the night before, who shall remain nameless... but I will say in the car on the way home from that celebration Nicholas was saying "Love you... Mike! Love you... Mike!" Anyway...
Since this is probably the last year I get to pick the theme I decided to give my hand at Legos or Duplos. My kids LOVE playing with blocks. A year or so ago I bought a bunch of candy molds from AliExpress, one was a lego mold. They aren't real legos, the nubs aren't really equal and there aren't any numbs on the back... but still they look good. The week before I used that mold 9 times and made candy legos. Next time? Since the mold was a buck, don't be cheap and just get a few more. I made boxed cakes, but homemade buttercream frostings. The white/green was OK. The chocolate? I could eat a BUCKET of it. It was so good.

We had a very fun party. Nicholas tried to play with the candy legos and eat them. We enjoyed having our family there to celebrate our big kid. Looking forward to the Terrible Twos. Oh goodie.

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