Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Good Year for a Tire Cake

Two birthdays in a week means another cake to talk about this time.
Xander turned 9. Let's not even think about that too much. How did he get so old and so tall?
Xander's cake request was a Goodyear Tire. Oof! That's... specific. So tire or tires... I looked online - saw lots of fun fondant cakes with perfect treads, piping properly placed, wording that would have fooled a mechanic thinking it was a real tire. Yeah - none of those are my strengths.
Bundts. Baby bundt cakes look like little tires. Yes! They do!! But a hubcap... what to do about a hub cap? Mini Oreos sprayed with edible silver spray paint. Yes!
I made the cakes early - again timing was not with me and freezing worked great! I used my cupcake scoop and did 2 scoops so they were the size of two cupcakes.
I dunked the frozen cakes in ganache and let them drip a little, then stuck a sprayed cookie down the center. I actually stuck two cookies because they went down a bit too far. Oops! Freezing the cakes then dunking them made for a very nice finish on the cakes with the ganache and it tasted amazing.
I asked Xander what he thought they were when I walked in - he wasn't sure. I said "They are tires - yes? Don't they look like tires?" "Oh yeah!" Phew!!
Happy 9th Birthday Xander Scot!

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