Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hey Honey - how about some honey?

Some people like barbeque sauce with their chicken nuggets, some like honey, me? I like peach honey. Huh? What is peach honey? Well... allow me to explain. Peach Honey is peach skins cooked until they have no color left, then taking that liquid and cooking it down with sugar until it's syrupy and delicious. It's basically candy, liquid candy you can add to things like chicken nuggets, or tea, or anything you might use regular honey for.
The best part of making it, is you are using a part of the peach that normally gets composted or tossed in the trash. Making something delicious from the scraps. I used a candy thermometer this time to make sure it didn't get too hot and too thick. Nothing worse than cooking the sugar too hot - then pouring it into a glass to make hard candy inside a glass jar... oops. Also the opposite... sugary peachy water also isn't great. Somewhere in the middle - better.
I like to have a glass of ice water nearby, so I can dip out a spoonful, then chill it in the water to see where my texture is at. Works pretty well AND you get to have little tastes of the honey.
What a blessing to have a tree the produces such amazing fruit that we can do lots of things with. I look forward to seeing this tree grow bigger and continue to provide fruit for our family. Maybe the apple trees and the pear tree will eventually start giving us fruit... before we grow old and gray...

Peach Honey

Peach peaches. Cover the peach peelings with water and bring them to a simmer. Simmer away for about 20 minutes to half an hour.
When all the flavor has simmered into the water. Turn off the heat and drain off the peach peelings. What you have left is a beautifully colored, peach flavored liquid
Pour into glass measuring container, as the next step is to measure how much peach liquid you have. It is a 2:1 retio liquid to sugar. If you have 2 cups of liquid, use one cup of sugar.
Pour your peach liquid and sugar into a large pot. Stir until the sugar is dissolved over a medium-high heat.
Heat until 215 degrees, cool then pour into jars.
I refrigerate mine - you could can it in a water bath, but I make small batches and just refrigerate it.

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