Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey guys! Wanna Play?

It's possible I give too much thought to what my dog thinks... but many times he'll bring us a ball or toy and has a look in his eyes... sometimes I imagine him saying, "Hey guys! Wanna Play?"
This little guy has the same look in his eyes... I'll call him Spot. Darn cute and full of spunk. In painting the tin I learn a little lesson about humidity and clear coating. :) So... when it say don't use it in 80% humidity... it means it... sure gave the tin a fun old look.
So... another to add to my mint tin collection... and another pattern to be debuting in St. Charles.


  1. Awwww, Spot is so adorable!! Is that the name of the new design, "Wanna Play?" So cute!!

  2. Yup! "Hey Guys! Wanna Play?" Is the name. SO fun. :) I'm excited about this little guy.


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