Monday, August 31, 2009

Time on my hands....

So what happens when you've so severely infected your computer with a virus... OK... MANY of them.... and your tech guru husband is working so hard to try to extract them? Make pickles. I know... not exactly something I had sitting around and thought to do...
Bought 7 pounds of cucumber pickles on Saturday.... used a mix and there we go! Pickles. I had planned on pickling my mother-in-law's zucchinis since her plants had looked so promising... then... they died, so I bought the cucumber pickles. Also I has planned on buying all the spices and doing that all on my own.... then saw the mix and figured why have all these goofy spices I'll not use again for a long time... mix here we go!
So... pickles! The package claims you get 8 pint jars… I got 10 pints, 1 half pint and extras! So I put those in glass dishes in the fridge… some early samples. Even used the fun crinkle cut blade on the mandolin. LOVE the mandolin. :) Didn’t lose any fingers or parts of them either.
Yeah... this is what happens when... well I don't know what happened here - the bottle broken in the canner... sure made a sticky mess... oops.
Oh yeah..... since you are reading this you can tell my computer is all better. He's my hero!! :)

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