Monday, August 10, 2009

Millions of Peaches

A year ago Andy and I made 9 gallons of jam, 5 pies and 2 trays of cobbler… from 2 bushels of peaches! This year? Less ambitious… Granted… last year the jam was for our wedding, this year, just for eating and giving away.
So we made canned peaches for a sweet snack this winter, strawberry peach jam, and peach honey… yes… peach honey…
Here are the links to the recipes because I’m too lazy to rewrite them and these sites make them VERY clear… LOVE the preserving site, by the way. :)

Canned Peaches -
Strawberry Peach Jam - (We use all white sugar and no cinnamon)
Peach Honey -


  1. Looking forward to having some summer sweetness this winter for sure! :)
    Now we have more peaches!! My mom gave me the rest of hers... these we'll freeze for pies. Yum.


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