Sunday, October 4, 2009

Somewhere over the… Cupbow? Raincake?

My apologies to Jen at for making a cupcake cake… I had every intention of having 6 rows of mini cupcakes… then sprinkling each, and doing a WAY better job… coloring the frosting… then I realized my energy level? Yeah… not there today… also, 6 rows wouldn’t fit on my tray, they’d already been baked and yeah… I’m lazy. Sorry Em!

This cake is for Ms. Emily Joan’s 6th birthday! It’s not her birthday yet… that’s on the 14th, but we wanted to celebrate while they are in town from Iowa. She wanted a rainbow with every color of sprinkle there was. Well… I didn’t get EVERY color… but lots of them.

In other news… Andy is enamored with the fact that the jimmies are called jimmies. I still haven’t figured out why they are called jimmies… but I did find out the Dutch popularized the sprinkle. Leave it to us Dutch folks to create something kinda useless but pretty.

Oh wait! This just in! There is a reason! Apparently in the 1930s the Just Born candy company manufactured sprinkles and had a guy named Jimmy Bartholomew that ran the company's sprinkle-making machine and the name stuck. I know… it’s all very interesting and now I’m just boring you… at least Andy will find it interesting. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday (early) to Emily! The 14th is my daughter's birthday, too :)


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