Thursday, October 8, 2009

So many thoughts! Oh my!

So here’s the problem with coming home from a show… you have all these ideas and you want to get started on them all at once and then… you can’t… it’s just not humanly possible to get it all done… and I want to do it quickly, get new patterns out, but not be overwhelmed… it’s a tall order. So last night I spent converting 3 punch needle patterns into cross stitch and creating a one new cross stitch pattern for Norden – as a memorial for Kris Stott who passed away earlier this year.

And then there is the punch needle!
I have one pattern – Sweet Sweet Life that I only need to finish filling in and it’s done!! I can convert it to cross stitch and life will be good. Also a pattern for the Stitch Your Heart Out Campaign. You’ll hear more about that at a later date.

The above pictures are my sad attempt at teasing you all into wondering what these things will look like when they are done. :) Yeah… good luck with that.

So my goal is to finish something this weekend… perhaps Sweet Sweet Life. Wonder if they’d let me punch during work…. ;)

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  1. Punch during work you could try. By the way I just found your designs through the online show and I think they are delightful. I saw a few that I must have in the future.


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