Friday, December 11, 2009

Baking up a Sweet Sweet Life

Sweet Sweet Life is our newest and some might say cutest design yet! While the mounting looks intimidating, it really is not. If you have a handy person in your life or you are handy yourself, it’s quite easy.

First I found these little tart pans from Wilton. Actually I found them a bunch of other places too but Wilton has them 4 in a package.

I asked my dad to ponder this one to see how I could mount it. My normal method is glue… love glue. But with the Teflon coating… glue wasn’t going to do it.

He cut a thin round of plywood to match the removable bottom of the tart tin. Three holes were drilled through the tart tin, the bottom and the plywood.

Then the fabric was wrapped around the plywood, using batting to make project dimensional, taping back the edges to make it tight.

Then I taped my ribbon to the back of the plywood to sandwich it between the bottom of the tart tin and plywood. I put the three pieces put back together– matching up the screw holes using toothpicks, then screws turned into the holes that were made and ta-da!!

So honestly… not that difficult… just a few holes and some tape and another cute project done!

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