Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here turtle, turtle, turtle....

So what do you do on the first crappy snowy night of the year? Make good treats for Christmas time…. But forget you don’t have one of the ingredients so you have to trudge back out to get it… I guess evaporated milk just isn’t one of those things I stock.

This little critters are SO good. Turtles. My Aunt Kathi and her girls used to send them each year to my folks at Christmas time – I got her recipe. SO good. Make sure to look out around Halloween for discount caramels. I use a bag of caramels, and usually a bag of candy melts. My favorite is Guittard Dark Chocolate but I was not able to find that this year, so I used the dark chocolate I had. I have also used the Dove Dark Chocolate pieces before. So good.

Bossenbroek Turtles
What you need!
1/2 lb pecans
50 caramels(unwrapped)
3 tbsps evaporated milk
1 lb chocolate wafers or cubes.

What to do!
First line cookie sheets with tin foil. Melt caramels on low with evaporated milk stirring constantly.
Place 3 pecans in Y shape per turtle. Using a gravy ladle or whatever you think works better drizzle caramel over pecans. Let cool. Remove from cookie sheet and dip in melted chocolate. You can put the cookie sheets in the freezer for 30 min to an hour just before trying to remove turtles for dipping. I plop them in the chocolate and then quick flip them with a fork and remove to the cookie sheet. They tend to try to melt in the chocolate. You can use the same cookie sheet as long as there isn't a lot of caramel still stuck on it.

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