Friday, April 23, 2010

Anger Issues or Antiquing?

So often when I design a pattern or a project I envision it on a beat up plate or a beat up plaque. Why? I have no idea. I’m starting to wonder if I truly like antiquing things, or if I have anger issues.

‘Freedom House’ is a great example. The punch needle was done several years ago. Got out all my tools, a chain and hammered away at the wooden plate. Recently the cross stitch version was completed. Again, tools came out, perhaps a little over exuberance came into play, the plate broke! Oops... so then it was a challenge, can I break it into even more pieces? Oh yeah. Thankfully my dad was able to put it all back together and personally, I think it looks even better!

And then there was the Cross Stitch version of ‘Willow Wood Lane’. That plaque was painted in several coats of different colors of paint, then I scrapped it across the asphalt like my ancestors washed their clothes on the rocks... well... perhaps more violent than my ancestors. They surely wouldn’t have clothes left if they scrapped them as I did. I’m sure the neighbors thought I had lost all my senses.

We won’t talk about ‘Fall in a Row’. Yet another instance of a hammer happy nutcase.

So... you decide.... Anger or Antiquing?

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