Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Heart for a Sweetheart

I have a lot of red heads in my life. One of my favorites turns 3 today. She asked for a heart cake for her birthday. So a heart cake she got. I was a bit worried about the actual heart part, so I googled how to make a heart cake. Easy! Take a square cake and a round cake, cut the round in half, put the halves on two sides of the square – instant heart. So I made a tiny heart for the top too. I bake them on day 1, then freeze them cut and stacked, then Day 2 I frost, Day 3 serve. That’s how I usually roll. The entire cake was frosted with chocolate frosting, then I made polka dots with pink chocolate. I piped melted white and red candy melts onto wax paper, then tapped them so they’d flatten. Sure was a hit. Happy 3rd Birthday Erika!

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