Friday, October 22, 2010

The Dune of Death

I know I know… post some Australia pictures… I’ll get there… first I had to share our latest adventure – Warren Dunes, Michigan. We went camping last weekend and what a beautiful weekend it was. October can be kind of a dicey month as far as weather. Last year around the same time we went camping - pretty miserable. This year we went with Andy’s family. We had a great time. We laughed over a late night bonfire, walked and almost died on the dunes, sat by the lake, generally enjoyed ourselves.
What? Oh yes… almost died on the dune. I’d gone on a hike Friday afternoon, enjoyed winding my way through the trees and enjoying the color. Saturday we all wanted to go for a hike. We got to the start of my nice trail… No… wind through the trees? That’s silly, why not go right over the dune. I’ll tell you why not, it’s nearly impossible to get up the dune without thinking you are having a heart attack! After finally getting up it and sitting for a nice long while, we all made our way to the lake. What a gorgeous day for it.
We came home with a little less lunchmeat than we thought. We found some footprints inside our cooler – our raccoon friends snatched our lunchmeat! I hope they enjoyed that brand new unopened package of ham! :)

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