Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Facts about Myrtle Grace

Fun Facts about Myrtle Grace

1. The work crew behind the production of our patterns… are Erin’s grandparents… whose mothers' the company was named for – Myrtle McCutcheon and Grace Dekker

2. Official anniversary of Myrtle Grace is August 2nd – Erin’s Birthday

3. Myrtle Grace Motif’s first pattern was Flying Mom’s Geese as a Mother’s day gift to her mom.

4. People and things from daily life make it into artwork, Willow Wood (Drive) Lane is the street Erin lives on, Rusty Bucket – Rusty is Erin’s dog, Montague Stars – place where we love to stay in Michigan.

5. Myrtle Grace is a family project. Erin’s mom LuAnn does all the sewing projects, her dad Ken does the wood working and engineering, and her husband Andy is moral support and everything else. All in the family help with design names. (Ken is responsible for Ham in a Can.)

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