Friday, February 25, 2011

Vending at the Nashville Needlework Market 2011

How exactly do you turn a hotel room into a viable cross stitch and punch needle shop? A whole lot of effort and a big strong husband!

This my friends is an Embassy Suite. Not your normal hotel room… a step above some might say… it has a parlor. I know – you are all saying “Ohhhhh a parlor!” Basically, where I’m from, it’s called a front room or “Fronch Room” if you are really from Chicago. I’m from the suburbs… so we say both words. Anyway! Separate room in the front (sly there right?). We moved all the furniture out – all but the couch and the desk table. (I say we like it was really both of us.) Ok, try again. Andy moved all but the couch and table into the bedroom. (This post is really going nowhere isn’t it?)

With very little furniture in the room we are free to setup our cheapo CostCo plastic tables – throw on our wrinkle free table clothes and setup! We bring our displays put together and labeled. I don’t even want to think about how much work some people have to go through to setup who are unable to do some of the work ahead of time. We bring our bubble wrapped displays ready to unwrap and setup. Grand total? 10 minutes to actually setup the displays. :)
We brought up the desk from the bed room to setup a small work area to process orders – it worked wonderfully. We were able to fill orders right in front of the customers, count out the kits and enjoy time to talk.
We really had a great market – it was fun to see so many familiar faces and see new ones too! As always I love spreading the gospel of punch needle as well. I finished a project that has plaguing me for almost a year. Andy was right, of course, it turned out beautiful – but we won’t tell him that quite yet… we’ll let him read the blog and find out on his own. :)

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