Friday, March 4, 2011

Fresh Hotel Baked Cookies

Just how do you get fresh baked cookies in a hotel? That was our challenge a few weeks ago at the Nashville Needlework Market. We wanted to provide warm cookies and milk as a bed time snack to the shops who were at the Market.
Well… in the world of my day job at ProviNET Solutions – we have an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Oven. Why? That is an excellent question. Why don’t you have a cookie oven where you work? :) Ok… we acquired it from somewhere… Anyway… I borrowed that cookie oven – which is like an easy bake oven on steroids – snuck it into the hotel, brought unbaked dough that I had prepared at home and there we go! Fresh Hotel Baked Cookies! We were told people could smell the cookies from down the hall!
While we didn’t have a stampede for the cookies, we did have some great people join us, sit on the couch and the floor and had a great time chatting. What a blessing it was to have that time with friends.

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