Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving his Gruel

Here’s a tasty new recipe! It’s easy and only has two ingredients! Ground turkey and rice.
First, fill a pot with water, plop a pound of ground turkey in it.
Make about 6 cups of rice.
Boil the ground turkey until it appears done and the water is really nasty looking.
Then, mix the rice and turkey and feed to the dog.
Yes… this new recipe was for Rusty. He had a little… tummy upset a few weeks ago. The vet’s orders were turkey and rice. I’m not sure if he could possibly have loved it more! Oh he was so excited! Each time we fed him, he was anxious to get his nose in it.
Please don’t make this for yourself. Smells so bad! Have a pup with a sad tummy? Works like a charm.

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