Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not enough powdered sugar around to cover this mess....

“Roll it in a towel” she says… Hrm…. “that seems like and awfully bad idea” he said.
She is Deb from Smitten Kitchen.
He is Andy.
He was right.
Remember my last attempt at rolling a cake? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…
Oh don’t remind me… ugh.
So why did I try this? I have no idea. It looked good. Deb made it look so easy! So I delved in and baked it! Then – the scary part about this recipe was rolling the cake into a towel. Andy was convinced this was a bad idea… but I did it anyway. I dreaded going back to it – finally did and ugh… tiny bits and pieces of cake smeared in the towel. This time I didn’t get mad, I laughed instead. Took a picture and moved on. Pieced together what seemed like a sheet cake – then plopped the cream in there and rolled it with the help of wax paper. Got it on the platter – threw some powdered sugar and wa-la! It sure isn’t the prettiest cake I’ve ever made – but it sure got rave reviews.
Here’s the link to the Smitten Kitchen Recipe. I have zero tips on this… just follow her directions and pray. http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/04/heavenly-chocolate-cake-roll/

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