Friday, May 20, 2011

Xander turns 2!

So the little man turned 2 on May 2! It was his golden birthday. I can relate... I had my golden birthday at two... :)
Xander is BIG into trucks. Trucks of all kinds! So what better to have for his birthday cake? A Dump Truck. His Grandma made a beautiful quilt for his bed room full of trucks too.
He grabbed a wheel - notice the M&M lug-nut on his face. :) Love this little guy! (and his new sister too!)
When I made this I realized I suck at spacing... I wrote his name the first time and it all went downhill... scrapped it off and started again... this time started too far in the middle... so I had room for the "2". Eh... it worked - no one noticed... just at the cupcakes!

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