Friday, November 4, 2011

Little Red Birds - Adeline

Adeline McFeatherline

Adeline, Estelle, and Winfred are The Little Red Birds. Friends for life - they have flown through the ups and downs of life together.

Adeline was born in 1920, the 5th of 10 chicks to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fluffinhoven.
She met her husband Warren, a flier, while serving as a carrier in the war. They raised 6 beautiful chicks together. They now enjoy a life of retirement, having downsized to a condo-nest. Throughout her life she has loved to read and now enjoys spending time with her grandchicks. She loves flying together with her Little Red Birds. She feels so blessed to have such close friends.

The Little Red Birds are a series of three punch needle and cross stitch patterns designed by Myrtle Grace Motifs. They available separately from your local needlework shop.

Shops – Punch Needle available at Norden, Cross Stitch is available at Hoffman, Yarn Tree and Norden

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