Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Red Birds - Winifred

Winifred Wingerly

Adeline, Estelle, and Winfred are The Little Red Birds. Friends for life - they have flown through the ups and downs of life together.

Winifred was born in 1923. She’s the youngster of the Little Red Birds and oh does she have spunk! Always the instigator of teasing – Winifred obviously was the youngest of 12 chicks. Never one to fly in formation, Winifred flew her own path. While she never married, she was the best aunt to Adeline and Estelle’s young chicks. But who is that around the nest? Is that Ralph Flighterly from her youth? Seems like Ralph has always been leaving her seeds here and there. Adeline and Estelle say it’s more than just seeds, could it be?

The Little Red Birds are a series of three punch needle and cross stitch patterns designed by Myrtle Grace Motifs. They available separately from your local needlework shop.

Shops – Punch Needle available at Norden, Cross Stitch is available at Hoffman, Yarn Tree and Norden

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