Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't cuss at cones - it doesn't help...

Long ago and far away I helped out with Vacation Bible School.  Yes – people actually entrusted me with their children for a whole week of mornings!  Ok… I didn’t actually teach them, I did quite a bit of behind the scenes work with my aunt – but I still helped!  One year we decided to bake these ice cream cone cupcakes for a snack for the kids.  The trial batch went great – they were so cute!  Let’s make oodles of them!  So when the time came, my mom and I did just that.  What a nightmare.  We made over a hundred of these and fought them at every step.  I think one of the biggest issues was the cones were not flat on the bottom, they had a little extra lip on them from when they were made.  Let’s just say… cussing at a Vacation Bible School project – might not be the best course of events. :)
This time around – no issues!  I won’t even give a recipe – it’s ridiculously easy.  Follow the direction on the back of your cake mix for cupcakes.  I added a bunch of chocolate jimmies so the cakes would look like chocolate chip ice cream.  They slide easy in the oven with the help of a cupcake tin.  I promise, when you try to pull them out of the oven, they will all fall over.  It just happens.  Laugh and move on.  I melted frosting and drizzled it on; you can add whatever topping you’d like.
Oh!  One last thing, many of the cakes I make are for my short friends in Iowa (Ok Emily is about to outgrow me at 9 years old!!).  These were made for their mom, Dee.  They happened to be in Chicago on her birthday – how could we not celebrate?

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