Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess who is 4? (ok... will be on Thursday - details)

 It was a year ago that I permanently scarred my nephew – for life.  I attempted to create a Cat in the Hat – Hat cake for him for his 3rd birthday – which looked more like, well, a pile of red and black slop.  Poor kid – couldn’t even guess at what it was.
This year, I was determined to make a cake for Xander that he could understand what it was supposed to be.  Success!  I had so much fun making the cars out of red candy melts and sprinkles in a car shaped mold.  This cake was pretty easy, but it has lots of parts.  Yellow candy melts piped out for the road lines, crushed Oreos for the road, even green frosting for grass.  So fun and yes he knew what it was!

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  1. Erin... you are SO creative! Our grandsons would LOVE this cake! :) Hope he has a wonderful birthday!


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