Friday, June 21, 2013

Where has the year gone?

Remember our sweet snoozy baby?  She’s turned into quite an imp in a year!  A whole year old!  Where did that time go?  How fun it is to look at this photo and watch our girl grow up.  Happy Birthday Bronwyn Grace!  We thank God daily for this little girl – what joy she’s brought to our lives… and my how our dinner conversations have changed….

Oh…. Yeah… and before you think I got all creative and thought of this photo idea all on my own – don’t be crazy… I’m great at copying other peoples’ ideas.  This was one of them.  Before we even had Bronwyn I found a picture on Pinterest and thought how fun would it be to do this.  So – every month – we setup the quilt and took pictures.  Some are better than others, some months she cooperated better than others.  Recently she tries to crawl away. 

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