Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Imp is One!

Can you believe our girlie is already a year old?  Well by now she’s more than that – but I wanted to show off her cakes.  Yep – I said cakes.  We had a few parties for her so multiple cakes.
For the Raatjes Family – we made a 4 layer chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream and fudge filling!  Fancy right?  The most fun was the frosting.  I’ve never spent much time piping roses before and thankfully this technique is really easy and worked beautiful. 
For the Dekker Family we had filled chocolate cupcakes with roses on top. 
I made a banner that worked for both parties.  Thankfully the birthday girl behaved and enjoyed making quite a mess. 
What a blessing to have so many people to celebrate our girl with.  Such great families we are part of. 

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