Friday, September 20, 2013

Watching our girl grow up!

Raise your hand if you pin things on Pinterest to DIY and never do the DIY part?  Ok…. Ok…. My hand is up to.  Sometimes you like an idea so much – you actually do it!  This Growth Chart was one of those things.  And by me doing it – I ordered the vinyl decals and my dad did all the rest of the work.  Let’s be honest – no one wants me to touch a table saw or try to get decals on straight.
I wrote on Bronwyn’s heights before we moved, while this was still at my folk’s house.  It’s deceiving because it doesn’t start at zero.  It starts at 8 inches.  So when I was writing the dates I asked Andy and my Dad if I was writing Bronwyn’s birth height on the right line “oh yeah – right there -  you are good.”    Several days later my dad laughed and told me I wrote it an inch below where it should be.  “Argh!  But I asked you guys!!”  Oh well, now it has arrows and a good story.  Soon we’ll add Andy’s and my height to make sure we aren’t shrinking or growing.

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