Friday, January 16, 2015

Punching Kids - no violence here!

As I get older something else seems to happen – these kids get older.  How can it be that Emily is now 11 and Andrew is 9?  It doesn't quite seem possible and yet, somehow Emily is now taller than I am.  The best part of knowing these kids?  Feeling like family.  They don’t feel like some friends from Iowa – they are family (along with their parents and other brother and sister).
A few weeks ago when they all came in from Iowa to celebrate our own little Christmas – these two brought their punch needle projects!  Oh how that warmed my heart!  Andrew was working on a design I drew up for him with a football and the letter A.  Emily was working on a Myrtle Grace pattern – Just Bee-Cause.
Love that they both enjoy something I enjoy doing!  Hey kids... stop getting so old... please!

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