Friday, May 1, 2015

My name is Erin, and I have a problem...

So I have this problem, it's an addiction of sorts.

Spring flower bulbs.

You know the kind... the type you stick in the grown in the fall and hope the animals don't dig up (or relocate) and pray for spring so you can see their amazing glory.

These flowers are popping up all over my yard.  Each morning before work - I walk around the yard in almost an Easter Egg like hunt - trying to see the new blooms, see what color they are and look for any new sprouts out of the ground.  Each evening I go look again to see if any more have opened.

When we moved to our house - I had bought a bunch of bulbs from a bunch of places.  I had some red tulips, a bag of daffodils, some crocus.  Then our friends in Pella gave me a box of tulip bulbs from Pella Iowa's Tulip Time.  Yes, the residents can go dig up the bulbs after the festival.

Last year I got another bunch of Tulip Time bulbs but also went a little crazy with a bulb company.  When they all came Andy just shook his head.  I was planning to plant them all - but you know... the pregnant lady probably shouldn't be doing that all by herself... so he helped.

Fast forward to right now - after I've walked the yard in the morning  and evening - I'm hunting online for another fix - more bulbs!  Andy says no more buying bulbs... Free Pella bulbs are great and awesome - fill up the yard, but time for some summer blooms in our yard.  I promise I'm working on some of those too.  But I will admit - there is nothing more fun than a new tulip blooming.  Oh the Alliums - those are amazing too - those are only just beginning!  Maybe I can find some cheap bulbs......

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